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About Britzer Garten


Anyone strolling through the Britzer Garden today will hardly notice its history. As natural and original as the garden looks, many people may not believe that it was completely redesigned for the German Federal Garden Show 1985. Every hill, every lake and every meadow was then created on barren farmland on the southern West Berlin border.

A landscape park was created in which nature was given time and space to gradually grow into the garden between the central, circularly arranged squares and the systematically constructed connecting paths. Thus, the park today creates a unique atmosphere between natural expansion and landscape architectural determination.

Since then, in the centre of the complex there has been a lake of almost 10 hectares which, between the hills and meadows, seems as natural as if it had always been right there. In the foothills of this sweeping landscape lie flower groves, art installations, architecturally elaborate restaurants and other sights.

In addition to the theme gardens and other gardening attractions, there are learning and play areas for children, animal enclosures and a model boat harbour. With the old Britzer Mill and the Rose Garden, the park preserves old traditions, while contributing to the future with numerous ecological and sustainability projects. The Britzer Garden with its versatile offering, is therefore more than just a park. It is a landscape full of possibilities and an oasis in urban space.