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In addition to leisure and culture, the Britzer Garden offers its visitors a wide range of opportunities for sport activities. In addition to wide meadows for extended yoga sessions, Pilates and other sporting activities, there are various routes for Nordic walkers and joggers as well as a Kneipp health trail. And for those who prefer to do sport in company, there is also the possibility to join one of the various sport groups.

Running & Walking

The Britzer Garden offers optimal running routes for every running speed from walk to sprint. The park offers a variety of routes with different distances and surfaces, so that even cross-country runners can get their money’s worth. Those who prefer to walk in company for motivational purposes are also warmly invited to the “Lauftreff”, or run meet, at the Britzer Garden, which takes place every Sunday at 9:30 AM at the entrance to Buckower Damm. You can change and shower in the facilities of the neighbouring sport field. The group is open to beginners and advanced runners.

By the way: Season ticket holders are allowed to enter the park at the automated entrances between April and September starting at 7 AM, with the latest admission being at 9 PM. Jogging is allowed until nightfall.

Kneipp Health Trail

The Kneipp health trail of the Britzer Garden is based on a holistic understanding of body and mind. The design of the course is based on the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp, who closely links his naturopathy with the element of water. But the well-known Kneipp baths, in which one wades through cold water on a stone bed, are only one station of the program. The stops of the health trail, which are distributed throughout the park, are connected by a guidance system and can be walked along one after the other during an extended walk. You can find all stations in our interactive park map.


Qigong is a traditional meditation, concentration and movement form from China that aims to bring body and mind into harmony. Three different Qigong courses are offered in Britzer Garden, one of which combines the teachings of Qigong with those of Kneipp’s naturopathy. You can find the dates for this course in our calendar of events. Kneipp members pay 2.50€, non-members 4.00€ – in both cases the park entrance fee has to be paid in addition.

Sporting events, races and park festivals

You can find additional offers in our calendar of events!