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The animal pastures of the Britzer Garden are a special highlight, especially for children. On the extensive meadows, one repeatedly comes across fenced areas where cattle, sheep and goats graze. Throughout the year the herds move through the park and can be observed outdoors all year round. Especially in springtime, a trip to the permanent enclosures of goats and sheep at the water playground is worthwhile, because then, with a little luck, you can discover freshly born lambs.

In addition to the enclosure at the water playground, the small herd of Thuringian Forest Goats, whose breed has been classified as highly endangered according to the list of the Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds and declared »Domestic Animal of the Year 1993«, also inhabits meadows in the wet biotope near the pump house in summer.

Skudde sheep, a very old and frugal breed of sheep from East Prussia and the Baltic States, have been grazing for more than 30 years – always in different places – on poor sites for landscape conservation. They are also on the list of endangered breeds of farm animals today.

Donkeys, on the other hand, have been around in the Britzer Garden since the German Federal Garden Show (BUGA) in 1985. The progenitor Rosie was a gift to the BUGA. Today her descendant Hotte and his companion Anna live in Britzer Garden. Anna was a gift to the park on the occasion of the 25th garden anniversary from the support association »Freunde des Britzer Gartens e.V.«, Friends of the Britzer Garden Association, support group.

There are also chickens and ducks in the small animal enclosures at the milk bar.

For over thirty years, Britzer Garden has been committed to the preservation of old and endangered breeds of domestic animals.

But just to avoid disappointment: The animals of the Britzer Garden are not to be touched, because there is no petting zoo.