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An ever-changing park

Since its opening in 1985 as part of the Federal German Garden Show BUGA, Britzer Garten, which has won several awards, has stood for a colourful variety of plants, recreation and a multi-layered interplay of landscape, arts and architecture.

Berlin and its inhabitants have changed a lot in recent years. Stressed-out city dwellers need space for recreation and sporting activities, older people who stayed young at heart are looking for health-promoting activities, and families with children need places to play and romp. The importance of the Britzer Garten as a space for recreation, exercise and inspiration in a big city like Berlin is currently becoming even clearer during the Corona crisis. This makes it all the more important to maintain the Britzer Garten as a barrier-free green oasis in the middle of the city and to allow it to grow with the changing needs of people. After all, the park can absorb the changing living conditions of the people and thus make a unique contribution to a better quality of life for residents and all Berliners in the future.

Thus, the intention was born to renovate and further develop individual areas of the park in the coming years. The aim is to preserve the special identity of Britzer Garten and at the same time to add new interfaces with the present. In order to ensure holistic planning and implementation, all measures are to be bundled in a "Development Concept for the Britzer Garten". Implementation will be subject to the budgetary framework conditions of the State of Berlin.

Your Britzer Garten

The needs and expectations of our visitors should be taken into account when developing the Britzer Garten. In the course of further conception and planning, there will therefore be opportunities for the many friends of the park to become involved in the development process. Let us make the Britzer Garten even more beautiful together!

More fun at the water playground

A first important reorganization measure will already start this year. At the end of the 2020 season, probably in November, the redesign of the area around the water playground in the east of the park will begin. Completion is scheduled for spring 2021.

The initial focus will be on improving the entrance situation and renovating the sanitary facilities. For visitors, the redesign of the "Flower Axis" entrance will bring another automated, barrier-free entrance with numerous bicycle stands. The entrance can then be used for the first time in the winter season (November to April) and provides quick access to the lake and the toboggan hill.

In connection with the plans of the Neukölln district to optimize the park's accessibility for cyclists, there is the prospect of direct and convenient access from the neighborhoods to the family offerings in Britzer Garten.

Supported by the "Förderkreis Freunde des Britzer Gartens e.V.", the reconstruction of the former tree trunk labyrinth is also planned.

In the future, it is also planned to improve the culinary offer and to supplement the existing water installations with new playgrounds.

With the new construction of the entrance area "Blütenachse" the existing miniature golf course will be dismantled. A new location is being worked out as part of the development concept.