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Rose garden

»Rosa britzensis« – a flower that is almost forgotten today.

In the 1920s, it was a big seller from the then famous Britzer Rosenzucht, which at the beginning of the 20th century supplied almost the entire Berlin metropolis with lavishly cultivated bedding, shrub and noble roses.

In the 12,000 square-metre rose garden you can breathe in a little of the old Britzer tradition, because here you will find some rare historical species, including those that were bred before 1867.

The design of the garden is also based on historical models. Framed by dense, dark green yew hedges, the interior was designed geometrically. The elaborate shape of the hedges creates lines of sight into the surrounding landscape. In the middle, a rose-covered pergola divides the garden into two symmetrical areas in which precious, tea, floribunda and polyantha roses bloom.

Spatial accents are set by the three-part fountain ensemble, whose parts of the ensemble are related to each other in theme without being mutually dependent. Pyramids and spheres made of yew and numerous high trunk roses complete the picture.

If you need a short break, you can sit down on one of the stone benches or under the rose-entwined pergola.