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An ever-changing park

Since its opening as part of the Federal Garden Show in 1985, the award-winning Britzer Garten has stood for a colorful diversity of plants, recreation, and a multi-layered interweaving of landscape, art, and architecture. Berlin and its inhabitants have changed dramatically in recent years. Stressed city dwellers need space for recreation and sporting activities, young-at-heart older people are looking for health-promoting offerings, and families with children need places to play and romp.

Visitors open for further development

The importance of the Britzer Garten as an open space for recreation, exercise and inspiration in a big city like Berlin became even clearer during the Corona crisis. This makes it all the more important to preserve the Britzer Garten as a green oasis in the middle of the city, to further develop it in a gender-appropriate and barrier-free manner, and to allow it to grow with the changing needs of people.

In a representative survey conducted in 2020, the Britzer Garten was rated very highly by the participants surveyed. 64% of the surveyed visitors stated that they could also imagine improvements for the Britzer Garten. The focus was on the areas of infrastructure and offers for visitors.

The careful further development of the Britzer Garten is outlined in the development concept Britzer Garten 2030. The implementation of measures is carried out with the participation of the visitors and subject to the budgetary framework conditions in the state of Berlin.


More detailed information on Britzer Garten 2030, participation and implementation can be found on the german page.