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Clay Village

»Clay castles for the advanced«

Almost all children love to think up and sculpt their own worlds. This ranges from the Lego spaceship in your child’s room to building caves using bed sheets, all the way to creating real tepees made of branches and twigs. Another material that is also ideal for children and young people’s creativity is clay. At our annual nature building event, children and young people are invited to spend a month building clay houses, creating sculptures or embellishing the results of recent years with the help of an experienced team. There are no limits to creativity and building pleasure. Our team competently accompanies the entire process.

The existing building stock of the play area of the clay village created over the years, includes a labyrinth, various sculptures, some with elaborate mosaics, clay huts, a whispering throne, a Palaver pavilion, a bear temple and a children’s bar. In summer 2020, new elements can be added to this ensemble between June 27th and July 18th.

The clay village is nestled in a large play landscape that showcases the different regions and natural areas of the world. Using the globe, the area is divided into different fields of experience, to each of which a section of our earth is assigned according to the elements earth, water, air and fire. For example, there is an area with palm trees and sand, a bamboo grove and a rock and water landscape.