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The Outdoor Laboratory at the Environmental Education Centre

With the new building and the opening of the Environmental Education Centre in October 2017, it was possible to replace the previous temporary structure, a non-heatable glass house that can only be used during the summer months. The modern building houses the open-air laboratory, in which the supervising association Freilandlabor Britz e.V. organises various events on environmental topics together with the Britzer Garden.

In the light-flooded rooms of the centre, further education, workshops or courses on various environmental topics take place. Changing exhibitions are shown in the entrance area of the house. Themes of past exhibitions were, for example, wild plants, woody plants or fruits. But also foxes and the generally somewhat less beloved spiders have already made it into the showroom.

Together with the Freilandlabor Britz e.V., Britzer Garden offers various nature and environmental tours for all age groups. Together we discover the special features of the park and at the same time learn about the needs and characteristics of the nature that surrounds us. Depending on the season, different thematic emphases are set.

You can find out more about guided tours and the current programme of our Environmental Education Centre on the website of the Freilandlabor Britz!

The Environmental Education Centre appears between the old tree population as a floating pavilion. The bird’s nest-like structure made of diagonally arranged wooden sticks stretches around the building like a ribbon, adumbrates the interior spaces and offers an interplay between façade and surroundings as well as exterior and interior.

For the most part, renewable raw materials were used for the building and it is heated with an air heat pump. Extensive roof greening also helps to improve the sustainability of the building.