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Britzer Garden in Plain English

Welcome to the Britzer Garten website in plain English!

Learn all about the Britzer Garten and what you can do there.


Find out

-        how much it is to get in

-        when it is open

-        how to get there

-        how to visit if you can't walk

-        how to get in touch with us

and look at a map of the Britzer Garten.


What is the Britzer Garten?


Learn what you can do here.

The Britzer Garten is a very natural park.

It has a lake in the middle, and lots of grass.

You can go for walks, exercise and relax.


A park train runs all over the park.

The stations are by the main gates.

You can get on and off the train at all stations.


You can also see animals at the Britzer Garten.

We have goats, donkeys and other animals.

You can't touch them.


You can also play and see lots of art.

You can do many things in the Britzer Garten.

There are also often festivals and other events here.


We will be happy to help you with planning your visit.

You can go on a guided tour of the park, for example.

Are you interested in an event?

You can ask questions at the gates where you pay to come in.

You can also call us.

Learn more at the bottom of the page.


We are looking forward to meeting you.


How much is it to get in?


Learn how much it is to get in.


The summer and the winter prices are different.

There is not so much to see in the winter.

There are not so many flowers.

That is why you pay less in winter.

Winter prices (beginning of November to end of February):


concessions €1


Summer prices (beginning of March to end of October):


concessions €1.50


You can also buy an annual ticket from us.

If you visit us often, you will save money.

The annual season ticket costs 30 euros a year for adults.

Reduced: 15 euros per year.


The annual season ticket is also valid for these gardens and parks:
- Gärten der Welt
- Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände

Who pays less money (who gets "concessions")?


You pay less money if:


you are still at school and can prove this (with a student ID pass)

you are disabled

(you can show us a disabled person's pass and have a disability of at least 50 percent)

you have a Berlin Pass


When is the Britzer Garten open?


The Britzer Garten opens at nine o'clock in the morning every day.

The pay windows close around an hour before it gets dark.

In the summer, that is eight o'clock in the evening.


Our pay windows are open:


from 09:00 to 16:00 from November to February

from 09:00 to 18:00 from March to October

from 09:00 to 20:00 from April to October


You can find gates with pay windows here:


Buckower Damm

Mohriner Allee


Sangerhauser Weg


We also have gates with payment machines. These gates are open from seven o'clock in the morning.

Please note! You can only pay by card at the payment machines.


Buy your card in advance in our online shop.

You can then scan the code on the ticket.

With an annual ticket you can also enter the park through the automated entrances.


You can find gates with payment machine here:


Buckower Damm

Mohriner Allee


Sangerhauser Weg

Massiner Weg



Please note!

Dogs and bicycles are not allowed in the Britzer Garten!


How do I get to the Britzer Garten?


The Britzer Garten is easy to get to.

Here, we tell you how.


Please note that some of our gates are not open all the time.

You can also only pay by card at some of our gates.


How to get here by public transport:


Sangerhauser Weg / Tauernallee gate


Take U-Bahn line 6 to "Alt-Mariendorf"

Take a number 179 bus towards "Buckow"

Get off at the stop "Sangerhauser Weg".


Mohriner Allee gate


Take U-Bahn line 6 to "Alt-Mariendorf"

Take a number 181 bus towards "Britz, Kielinger Straße"

Get off at the stop "Rotkopfweg".


Buckower Damm gate


You can take a number M44 bus from the "Hermannplatz"

stop in Neukölln.

Get off at the stop "Britzer Garten".


Massiner Weg gate


Take U-Bahn line 7 to "Britz Süd"

Take a number 181 bus towards "U Walther-Schreiber-Platz"

Get off at the stop "Neumarkplan". You can also get off at the stop "Im Rosengrund".


Please note!

From November to the end of February, you can only pay at a payment machine at this gate; you can not pay with money (cash).




You can take a number M44 bus from the "Hermannplatz"

stop in Neukölln.

Get off at the stop "Zimmererweg".


You can park your car at these gates:


Mohriner Allee (Mohriner Allee 152 in 12347 Berlin)

Sangerhauser Weg / Tauernallee (Sangerhauser Weg 12 in 12347 Berlin)


Park map


We have made a map of the park.

It shows you where the six gates are.

You can also see the bus stops on the map.


To look at the map, click on this link:

Interactive park map


How to visit in a wheelchair


You can visit almost all of the Britzer Garten in a wheelchair.

That means it is easy to get around in a wheelchair.


We have even been given a prize for that.


There are also several toilets for wheelchair users in the park.


Learn more here. Click on this link: Walk'n Roll.


Use one of our wheelchairs


You can also use one of our wheelchairs for your visit.

Use the Mohriner gate if you want to use one of our wheelchairs.


Please note!

We do not have a lot of wheelchairs.

Please book your wheelchair a few days before you want to visit.

Simply give us a call.


How to get in touch with us


Please call us if you have questions.

We are happy to help.


Our number is

030 700 906 710


You can call us from nine o'clock in the morning to four o'clock in the afternoon.


You can also write us an email.


Our email address is