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Art & Architecture

Culture and nature form one of the classic pairs of opposites in human history. Where one begins, the other apparently ends. However, if one looks at the concept of »landscape«, the boundaries quickly become blurred. The »landscape«, derived from the Dutch »landschap«, describes the man-made land – which, in the narrower sense of nature, is no longer natural, but cultivated. And the Britzer Garden, composed of artificial lakes and hilly landscapes, also overcomes the theoretical contrast between culture and nature with its explicitly natural design.


The relationship between nature and culture is also the leitmotif of the numerous sculptures and buildings in the Britzer Garden, the vast majority of which were created in 1985 as part of the »Kunst am Bau«, or art in architecture, funding programme. Throughout the park, visitors will find various installations, works of art and architecture that are both testimonies to its historical decade of art and timeless results of artistic engagement with nature and the environment.

Along the »Kunstachse«, or art axis, which leads from the north-east to the south-west section of the park, visitors interested in art will find Kalenderplatz, which functions as the centre of the artistic arrangement, various fountains and numerous sculptures from the 1980s.

On the following sub-pages we present some of the works of art and architectural highlights created in and for the Britzer Garden. You can find further information about our sculptures at