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Geological Garden

The ammonite is probably the best known fossil. And that is precisely why the snail form of the ammonite served as the basis for the Geological Garden.

Various earth structures, which are represented in the spiral structure according to their geological duration, take you through the history of our planet. While the Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic periods occupy the largest segment of earth’s history, with 3.93 billion years of the total 4.5 billion, the last, today still ongoing Cainozoic period is only 65 million years old.

At the centre of the earth time clock is a spring in a stone from which water, the symbol of life, flows through all eras of earth’s history and the rocks created during the respective period.

Birch trees, willows and cultivated plants planted on beds document the last phase of the Earth’s history in which we humans have gained an increasing influence on the landscape.