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Relaxation & Leisure

Endless concrete canyons, dense traffic and permanent background noise – this is the day-to-day of the prototypical city dweller. Those energised by these impositions of everyday life in Berlin are therefore drawn out into the countryside, where they can enjoy the tranquillity of nature and let their gaze wander for more than two meters. Fortunately, green happiness for Berliners is not far away, as the Britzer Garden on the southern outskirts of the city is an ideal starting point for the occasional city escape.

The extensive lake and meadow landscape of the Britzer Garden forms a pleasant backdrop for picnics or long walks. Starting from the sweeping avenues with generous flower beds, winding paths lead through dense tree groves with widely ramified streams and springs. The seating arrangements, deck chairs, benches and picnic tables installed throughout the park invite strolling city dwellers to linger in a dignified manner.

The Britzer Garden also offers a relaxed and varied programme for those who prefer more sporting activities to achieve inner satisfaction. In addition to the large meadows, which invite you to romp around independently and partake in sport, various courses are also offered in the Britzer Garden. In addition, a Kneipp health trail with three stations distributed throughout the park was installed in 2013. You can find more information on physical exercise in the Britzer Garden in the Sport section.

By the way: There are no dogs or bicycles in the Britzer Garden!