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Rhododendron and Azalea Show

The rhododendron is a versatile plant that can be found in almost all parts of the world and its range extends from the sea coast to the high mountains and from the sub-polar tundra to the tropical rain forest. Most of the over 1,000 rhododendron species are shrubs, but there are also rhododendron trees and deciduous species. The Greek name rhododendron comes from »rhodon«, meaning rose, and »dendron«, meaning tree – thus rhododendron means »rose tree«.

The rhododendron grove located in the south-east section of the park impresses with its picturesque meadows and lawns lined with lush rhododendron plantings. In the extensive groves, park benches invite strollers to enjoy a pleasant stay. A circular path leads through the garden, from where you can visit all areas of the predominantly evergreen plantings. The main path is complemented by promenades and winding paths that lead visitors into the inner, more hidden parts of the garden.

There you will find the so-called “fairy garden”, in which, in addition to gold-spangled, glossy shield and cinnamon ferns, large tree ferns also grow, which provide a gentle play of light, especially in the evening hours.

The special magic of the garden is revealed above all in the flowering season of the rhododendrons between April and June. During these months, the idyllic design of the gardens forms a picturesque setting for the lushly blooming rhododendrons. The plantations range from wild forms to garden azaleas, whose large flowers show a play of colours from white to purple. At the end of May, during the main blossoming season of the rhododendrons, the Britzer Garden hosts the Fairy Festival in the backdrop of the garden, which is the highlight of the annual flowering season.