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Directions & Entrances

There are many ways to get to Britzer Garden! The extensive park can be entered via six different entrances, located on all sides of the park.


Sangerhauser Weg        

U6 Alt-Mariendorf / Bus 179 to the »Sangerhauser Weg« stop


U6 Alt-Mariendorf / Bus 179 to the »Sangerhauser Weg« stop

Mohriner Allee

U6 Alt-Mariendorf / Bus 181 to the »Rotkopfweg« stop

Buckower Damm

S/U-Bhf. Hermannstr. / Bus M44 to the »Britzer Garden« stop

Massiner Weg

U7 Britz Süd / Bus 181 to the »Neumarkplan« or »Im Rosengrund« stop

(from November to the end of February automatic admission system only, cash desk not staffed)


S/U-Bhf. Hermannstr. / Bus M44 to the »Zimmererweg« stop

Closed until the end of April 2021 due to construction work.

Park planto the Park plan

Parking spaces

There is a limited number of parking spaces for cars at the entrances:

Mohriner Allee (Mohriner Allee 152 in 12347 Berlin)

Sangerhauser Weg / Tauernallee (Sangerhauser Weg 12 in 12347 Berlin)


The Britzer Garden is to a large extent accessible and has some wheelchair accessible WC facilities.

In the summer of 2018, the Britzer Garden was tested for accessibility for the first time by »Reisen für Alle«, or Travel for Everybody, and received certification for the period of November 2018 to October 2021.

You can find detailed information on the individual facilities (WC facilities, parking spaces and rollability of the paths) in our »Walk'n Roll« overview.

In addition, the portal »Berlin für Blinde« (Förderband e. V.), or Berlin for the Blind, offers an audio walk through the Britzer Garden with 37 stops. The stations are accompanied by four different narrators: Heide Bartholomäus, Juliane Gregori, Michael Stoerzer and Stefan Peetz. Information about the walks and the dates can be found on the website of the association.

Free wheelchair rental

Depending on availability wheelchairs can be rented at the »Sangerhauser Weg« entrance. As there are only a few wheelchairs available for this purpose, we kindly ask you to inform us of your needs by telephone a few days in advance.

Tel.        030 700 906 510