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Food & Drinks


The »Seestern« is what one imagines an ideal typical café to be when on a day trip: From the slightly elevated terraces you can look out over the idyllic lake landscape of the Britzer Garden and enjoy carefully prepared food and drinks. The kitchen of the »Seestern« combines traditional dishes with modern influences, whereby great importance is attached to the seasonality and regionality of the ingredients. In case of bad weather, guests also have a lovingly designed interior at their disposal, which has a special history of origin.



The Italo-Bistro located at Kalenderplatz was built in 1985 according to the plans of the architect Prof. Jasper Halfmann. The sloping glass façade of the main building, together with the two lower side buildings, forms a semicircle around the north axis of Kalenderplatz. Outside, tired, hungry walkers will find numerous seats, which in the summer are pleasantly shaded by large sunshades. And you can be sure to experience the culinary delight that the name »Italo-Bistro« promises: Pizza and pasta, opulent sundaes and coffee specialities.


Reading Cafe at the Karl-Foerster Pavilion

The Reading Cafe not only attracts bookworms, but also addresses the somewhat broader target group of cake and ice cream fans. In addition to these two universally popular delicacies, the café also offers rotating hearty meals, omelettes and salads. The interior of the café is framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, so that cake and culture fans can always enjoy the view of the surrounding greenery while consuming the respective goods. During the summer months there are also various outdoor courts.


Milk Bar at the Water Playground

At the centrally located »Milchbar«, or Milk Bar, loosely arranged groups of seats are grouped around a pyramid-shaped bistro house, where inexpensive snacks and some midday meals or sandwiches are offered. The outdoor area is in the immediate vicinity of the water playground, which is a good addition to the ice cream also offered at the »Milk Bar«, especially on hot summer days. Further snack bars can be found near the clay village in the games area on Tauernallee and near Britzer Höhe with a view of the Liebesinsel.

Beer garden and restaurant Britzer Mill

North of the entrance at Buckower Damm is the venerable Britzer Mill. Embedded in the postcard idyll of the surrounding orchard meadows is a large beer garden, but in bad weather you can also stop by the rustically designed inn. The culinary offer is aimed at tradition-conscious gourmets with a modern touch. If you want to learn more about the history of the Britzer Mill, you will find it here.

Britzer Mühle