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Nature & Environment

The Britzer Garden was designed as a green oasis at the outskirts of the otherwise rather grey West Berlin. Already in the concept developed between 1975 and 1979 for the design of the Britzer Garden, the park was conceived as a landscape into which nature would gradually grow. Today the park landscape created on artificial hills is a biotope for numerous birds, insects, amphibians and even foxes. With rather mixed feelings, raccoons have also been sighted in the Britzer Garden.

The Britzer Garden invites its visitors with a wide range of opportunities to deal with the natural environment of the park and other environmental topics, because the confrontation with our ecosystem is becoming more urgent every day.

Particularly within the urban reality of life in Berlin, the Britzer Garden is a place of learning and experience for all those whose everyday backdrop is characterised more by rows of houses.

On the following sub-pages we present various ways of raising urban environmental awareness in the Britzer Garden landscape.